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Hello I’m Lindsay V. Brinkley and I’m the internets new technology and entertainment blogger! I am a mom, but I’ve got a large passion for technology and all things contemporary! My passion started when my kids were getting older and began asking for tablets and other neat little things that I felt that I needed to do research on.

As I read up, I became fascinated by these items and as they wanted more, I become more interested. You could find me in the local Best Buy or tech store asking all sorts of questions and finding out all I could. Eventually I decided that I might be able to help out other moms trying to by gifts for their kids by starting a blog!

I aim to review technology, but also anything contemporary because it helps others so why not! As someone who watches shows and movies often, I want to inform others of my experiences and shine a light on things that others might find interesting and maybe help them make an informed decision! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

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