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Seniors Are Being Targeted For Scams Through Online Dating


The amount of seniors that are using online dating sites has doubled in the last few years. Now seniors and adults over 50 are the fastest growing age group that is using online dating sites. But not all the people using senior dating sites are looking for love. There has been a big increase in […]

Impressive Attires to Wear on Your First Date


Girls usually get conscious of their dating attire, especially on the first date. Some would even experience wardrobe panic. While for others, the issue simply goes by smoothly. The pressure eases off for those who have been on so many first dates. Either that or maybe it depends on the person you’re going out with. […]

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4 Ways Women Can Make Their Online Dating Profiles Pop


It’s difficult for everyone to create a really persuasive and attention getting online dating profile. But women can have a harder time making their profiles stand out because in general. If you want to make your profile stand out and make sure that it’s attracting the right kind of partner and not just people who […]