4 Ways Women Can Make Their Online Dating Profiles Pop

August 22, 2018 0 Comment

It’s difficult for everyone to create a really persuasive and attention getting online dating profile. But women can have a harder time making their profiles stand out because in general. If you want to make your profile stand out and make sure that it’s attracting the right kind of partner and not just people who are randomly messaging women trying to find one that will answer them here are a few ways that you can fix up your profile so that it really pops:

Make Your Profile Pic A Headshot

Your profile picture is the one that will get the attention of potential partners as they are scrolling by. So don’t choose a photo that is out of focus, or has several people in it, or isn’t a great photo. If you don’t choose the right photo then people won’t stop and look at your profile. According to experts, your profile pic should be a professional head shot that is a close up your face. A dramatic head shot is the perfect way to get positive attention.

Get Professional Photos Done

If you think that only models and actors need professional photos think again. In this day and age everyone should have a few professional photos of themselves as well as a few casual selfies. If you want to make yourself look as good as possible in your online dating profile get some current photos taken by a professional who will make sure that the lighting and other elements really highlight your assets while minimizing your flaws. You can have a few selfies too so that potential partners can see what you look like day to day. But professional photos are worth the investment and also also checking your potential partner should be your top priority. 

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Don’t Be Negative

Some dating experts say that the number one mistake when it comes to online dating is being negative. That negativity can come across as bitterness and leave a very negative first impression of you. For example don’t put statements in your profile like, “Don’t even bother contacting me if all you want is a one night stand.” Or “I have kids and you’ll have to deal with that.” You may just want to be honest and upfront, which is great, but it can come across as being really unpleasant to be around.

Don’t Be Demanding

Of course everyone has expectations of the other person that they are in a relationship with. But when you’re filling out an online dating profile you should keep the profile focused on what you bring to the table, not what you expect from the other person. Make sure you don’t have a laundry list of “musts” like “My ideal mate must always open the door” or “must always pay for dinner”, or “must always remember my birthday.” Remember that this is your chance to highlight your positive qualities, not demand certain things from other people. No one will message or date someone who has a checklist that they have to follow. Make sure you also do a cell phone search before you even consider going.