Seniors Are Being Targeted For Scams Through Online Dating

December 18, 2018 0 Comment

The amount of seniors that are using online dating sites has doubled in the last few years. Now seniors and adults over 50 are the fastest growing age group that is using online dating sites. But not all the people using senior dating sites are looking for love. There has been a big increase in the number of scammers that are using online dating sites to target seniors and scam them out of money by promising love and companionship. Others are stealing the identities of seniors that offer up their personal information to someone they think is a romantic prospect.

The Scams

The most common scam that occurs on senior dating sites is that someone will create a very appealing profile of a senior man or woman with the intention of meeting rich seniors of the opposite sex. Once they start talking to a senior and they verify that the senior has a lot of money they will start to ask for expensive gifts, or for financial help with bills or medication, or other expenses that many seniors have. And since the other person thinks that they are in a relationship they will give money or pay bills for that person even though that person is just using them for money.

And sometimes they will give out their bank account information or credit card information, which the scammer can then use to go on buying sprees or even steal the other senior’s identity.

How To Protect Against Scams

If you have a senior relative that is active on senior dating sites share the following tips with them to make sure that they don’t become the victim of a senior online dating scam:

Look For Complete Profiles

Often scammers won’t bother to totally fill out their profiles on dating sites because they plan on disappearing as soon as they have what they came for. So seniors that are looking for matches on a dating site should pay attention to the profiles of the people that they match with and check to see that they are complete. If the profile is complete then the person is probably genuine.

Beware Of People That Don’t Want To Meet In Person

The whole point of a dating site is to meet someone to date, so it’s not unusual for people to want to meet in person rather quickly. But if the person that you are talking to doesn’t seem interested in meeting or they keep coming up with excuses not to meet in person that should be a red flag. Usually, if they don’t want to meet in person after a couple of weeks it’s because they are hiding something. Either they aren’t who they said they are or they are scammers who are just trying to get money. If they don’t want to meet but they start to ask for gifts or money for travel that is a clear sign that they are scammers. Tell your senior loved one never to give money to anyone they meet on a dating site.

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