2019 Horror Movies You Should Take Note of and Be Prepared to Watch

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Horror is one genre of movies that many people are quite taken with. The adrenaline rush and every emotion that goes with watching such films cannot be replaced with any other activity. Some will even compare it to doing extreme sports. And so, people with an affinity for scary movies are always on the watch and anticipating the next best heart-thumping scenes that 2019 horror movies will bring.

What’s on the list for next year’s hair-raising thrillers? Let’s go through the Top 5 upcoming horror movies of 2019 that you should definitely not miss out.

  1. What can be a better horror movie than one that is shrouded in mystery? This is exactly what “Us” is. If you’re a fan of “Get Out” by academy award winner Jordan Peele, then this new nightmare from the same mind will definitely be your cup of tea.

Release date: March 2019

  1. Pet Sematary. This Stephen King classic has given many generations of moviegoers nightmares. And the 2019 version will surely give you that and more.

Release date: April 2019

  1. The Curse of La Llorona. This horror story follows the life of a young social welfare worker as she and her children are haunted by the “weeping woman”, or, as many knows, is the ghost of a woman who lost her children so she kept stealing other people’s kids.

Release date: April 2019

  1. Child’s Play. If you anticipate the horror movies sequel 2019, then this reboot of the original Chucky doll story should not be missed. As this movie is set in the modern age, the “Buddi” doll has been reprogrammed to have no limitations. So, watch out!

Release date: June 2019

  1. The Grudge. I bet you’ve watch not one but all of the 11 Grudge movies since the first Japanese release in 2002. If you aren’t tired of it yet, here’s the 12th take on it. But don’t say you’ve been warned. The 2019 version is a fresh new take of the movie with a lot of holding on to the concept of spirits and its realm.

Release date: June 2019

Prepare yourself, and your lungs, for the loudest screams you will ever let out. Grab those movie tickets as soon as they’re released and be the first to join the horror story that these movies will tell.

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