How To Get Your Kids Interested in Family Holiday Events

October 4, 2018 0 Comment

The holidays are approaching fast, are you tired yet of your kids ignoring you while you try to get them to take part in family events? If so, you’re not alone. My kids never wanted to be part of any holiday traditions. Every year, I would get frustrated because they wouldn’t want to do the smallest tasks to help with the holidays. They seemed to have no interest in having a family holiday. My children were always on their phones which also made me nervous. Who could they be texting all day long? I found my answer to that question from However, this all changed last year when I took a more creative approach to getting them interested in family holiday bonding. Here are some of the ways that I got my kids to love family holidays and some of the might work on your kids too:

Family Holiday

Let Them Help Plan The Menu

In my family, we always had the same dishes that my parents made for Thanksgiving when I was growing up. For me, it was a walk down memory lane and it gave the holiday a lovely air of nostalgia. My kids on the other hand, didn’t want to eat the same holiday foods that I ate growing up. They had absolutely no desire to help me make the dishes or to eat them. So, when I was totally fed up with their lack of participation in Thanksgiving, I asked them what they wanted to have as part of a Thanksgiving dinner and was shocked be their response.

Time To Shop

I let each child choose one dish, it could be either an appetizer, a side dish, or a dessert. The only catch was that they had to plan, shop for, and cook it themselves. I thought that if they had to put actual effort into cooking their dish they would give up and stop complaining. Instead, they got totally excited about Thanksgiving dinner. When I took them to the grocery store they all had made lists of what they would need for their dish and they gathered all of the ingredients themselves. They had a blast cooking with me for Thanksgiving and having the whole family enjoy the dishes that they cooked. Now, Thanksgiving is truly the family meal I wanted it to be.

Focus On Family, Not The Activity

Christmas was no exception to the struggle of bringing my family together. No cookie baking, no drinking hot chocolate and watching TV holiday specials. No one was interested in doing anything remotely holiday related together. I finally realized that I was focused on the wrong thing. I was focusing on making my kids fit into my idea of what Christmas activities should be, instead of focusing on all of us being together.

Change Of Plans

I started asking my children what they wanted to do for the Holidays. One weekend we all went sledding as a family. We also went bowling on Christmas Eve! This seemed crazy to me, but it was what my children wanted to do. By being more open to what activities we did together I was able to get the entire family to enjoy spending time together during the holiday. This made for the perfect family holiday!

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