The 5 Best Pieces of Parenting Advice I Ever Got

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It seems like once you have kids everyone has an opinion on how you should raise them and what type of parent you are doesn’t it? And most of the time those opinions are pretty worthless and have no real bearing on your ability as a parent. But there are some pieces of parenting advice that I found to be really helpful. It’s not a surprise that those pieces of advice came from some of the best parents I have ever known. So here are the only 5 pieces of parenting advice that you really need to know in order to do a good job raising your kids:

Admit What You Don’t Know

I know the Internet has made every parent feel like they are a doctor, a teacher, and every other kind of childhood expert. But you’re not. And that’s ok. That just means that when you take your child to a doctor, or when your child starts school you need to listen to the expert that is trying to help you and help your child. Be willing to admit when you don’t know something and listen to the people that do know.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Your house is going to be messy. You might eat takeout three nights this week or give your kids money to buy lunch because you were just too tired to make them perfect social media worthy lunches. That’s ok. Every parent struggles. Do your best each day and let go of the things that don’t matter.

Teach Your Child To Be A Good Sport

The only way that kids learn to deal with disappointment and learn how to set goals for themselves is to fail. And how they deal with loss or failure is something they will rely on as they go through life. Teach them to be a good sport when they lose and let them loose sometimes so that they realize how to process disappointment and how to resolve to do better.

Kids Need Activity

Everyone needs activity, but kids need it more than adults. Let your kids run around. Encourage them to play sports or ride bikes or do outdoor things. They need that activity to help them grow and to help keep them healthy. Make sure that they are getting some type of physical activity every day.

Stop Trying To Be Perfect

No parent is ever going to be perfect. So stop stressing yourself out trying to be perfect. When your child grows up, if your child is lucky enough to grow up, they won’t remember whether or not you made special lunchtime Bento boxes or cut their sandwiches into shapes or if the house was always spotless. They will remember the love that you gave them, the time that you spent with them, and the feeling of knowing that their world was secure. Those are the things that matter. Focus on those things and stop chasing perfection.

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