Social Media Ground Rules for Couples

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Social media is destroying relationships faster than just about anything else. People just spending too much time on their social media accounts there are divorce lawyers that say that social media disputes are quickly becoming the number one reason for divorce. If you and your partner want to make your relationship social media proof. These rules that both of you should follow to keep social media from becoming a problem in your relationship:

No Public Fighting

All couples fight at some point. But if you want to keep your fights fair and relatively healthy don’t bring them onto social media. That means no posting about the fight you just had as well as no posting vague statuses. Hinting that you’re unhappy in your relationship or posts complaining about your spouse or partner. Any fights or disagreements should stay between the two of you only. It’s one thing to call your best friend or your mom and vent after a fight with your partner. It’s totally another to post complaints about your relationship publicly for everyone that the two of you know to handle. Keep it off social media. Fight fair.

No Joint Accounts

We all have friends who have a joint Facebook account or a joint Instagram account that combines their names and that they both share. And everyone who sees that assumes that one of them cheated on social media if there is a joint account. Joint accounts are terrible and no couple should have them unless one person is totally not using the account. Otherwise, communication can get misinterpreted very easily and an innocent message sent by a coworker or old friend can be radically misread by your partner and lead to a huge fight. You are both individuals and you each have a right to privacy. If you can’t trust your partner on social media without a joint account then the relationship is pretty much doomed anyway.

Mute Each Other

The best thing for people in a couple is actually to not be social media friends because it’s too easy for couples to start airing dirty laundry and misreading things when they are constantly checking each other’s social media feeds. But if you want to be social media friends then at the very least you should mute each other so that you aren’t seeing everything that your partner posts and your partner isn’t seeing everything that you post. That will be good for your partner and for you. I fell into that trap awhile back and started reading my partner’s posts obsessively looking at everyone’s profile that commented on the posts and responding to those posts. It drove my partner crazy and it made me look like a controlling and petty person which I’m really not. To keep the peace between you and to give yourself peace of mind mute your partner and don’t read their feed constantly. They will tag you if there’s something that you really need to see.

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